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A Proven Advocate for the Injured

A serious personal injury is a life-changing event. Victims may require surgery, medication, physical therapy, and other expensive medical treatments. The injury may prevent them from working. The price tag for medical treatment and lost wages alone can be astronomical. When you consider the pain and trauma a victim endures, the need for full and fair compensation is paramount.

You shouldn’t have to fight the fight for compensation alone. I can be your advocate, and I will strive to make sure you get the full and fair compensation you need to move on with your life.

More than 40 Years of Experience in Personal Injury

As a personal injury attorney with more than 40 years of experience, I know the hardships victims of negligence face. This is why I have devoted my career to making a difference in their lives. Throughout my career, I have obtained more than $250 million on behalf of people who were hurt and suffering. I am here to apply my successful approach to personal injury law in your case. Reach out to me in New York City today if you are located in any of the surrounding areas, including Long Island, Nassau County, Westchester County, and Suffolk County.

Preparation, Presentation, and Persuasion

Having worked on hundreds of cases during my career, I understand the critical importance of the three elements of a personal injury case:

  • Preparation: Personal injury cases are complex. Numerous expert witnesses are often necessary to explain to a jury the medical, engineering, chemical, or pharmaceutical issues that caused or contributed to the injury. I have a strong working relationship with many of these experts and I rely on them to ensure every element of your case is exhaustively prepared.

  • Presentation: Because of the complexity of these cases, it is essential to lay out all of the often technical and arcane information in a manner that allows a jury to understand what happened and why the defendant is responsible. I have the experience to build a successful presentation.

  • Persuasion: The goal of any personal injury trial is to persuade the jury that you, the injured party, are entitled to the compensation necessary to make you whole. I have a successful track record of helping the underdog receive that compensation, no matter how big a ‘Goliath’ they face.

Pursue Fair Compensation Today

No Case Is Too Complex

I handle a broad range of complex personal injury and wrongful death cases in New York City and beyond, including those arising from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle collisions

  • Workplace accidents, including fires, explosions, and scaffold collapse

  • Premises liability

  • Aviation accidents

  • Medical malpractice

  • Defective pharmaceutical products such as pHisoHex containing the neurotoxin hexachlorophene and a dietary supplement containing ephedra

  • Environmental toxins

Don’t Be Taken Advantage of by an Insurance Company

The fact is, insurance companies will not pay full value on a claim if they don’t have to. This is why it is so important to have an attorney on your side who knows how to handle complex claims. I understand their tactics and how to make them pay your claim. I have received numerous high-dollar results by negotiating for a fair offer. When the other party refuses to be reasonable, I am always prepared for courtroom litigation.

Get the Experienced Guidance You Need

You don’t have to face this complex legal matter alone. I am here to handle all of the negotiations and paperwork so you can focus on your recovery. For a free legal consultation about your personal injury claim, contact my Nassau County law offices by telephone or online by filling out a brief contact form. I serve those on Long Island, as well as the surrounding areas of Westchester and Suffolk counties.

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